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24-Hour Support "INFOLINK"

Our free 24-HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE gives you immediate access to information you need most often. Account access anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day!

With our free 24-HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE you can quickly and easily:
· Make account balance inquiries
· Know if and when checks have cleared
· Verify direct deposit transactions
· Inquire about loan balances and payments
· Verify interest paid and earned
· Transfer funds between designated checking accounts.


Dial 594-4001 or (1-361-594-4001) from any touch-tone telephone.

Wait for greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you over the phone.

NOTE: The first time you use the customer service line your PIN number will consist of the last four digits of the primary account owner's social security number or tax identification number. You will be required to change this number after the first time you use this system.

Please listen to all prompts when dialing the 24-Customer Service Line, as these have changed. Thank you. If you still have problems signing on after listening to all the prompts carefully, please feel free to call us during regular business hours at either 361-594-3317 (Shiner), 361-277-3100 (Cuero), or 361-865-3800 (Flatonia).


Customers who use these services are advised that they agree to safeguard their PIN (Personal Identification Number) and to keep it confidential. The Customer bears the risk of any loss occasioned by improper or unauthorized use of such PIN by any person or persons.

Bank customers are protected to some extent against certain types of loss caused by fraud, such as forgery or unauthorized signatures on checks, but these protections do not apply to losses incurred in the operation of the 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE - Infolink, "Touch Tone" or "Telephonic Banking" service system.

If the customer fails to protect his or her PIN or provides his or her PIN to another person, it may be possible to make transfers and/or obtain account information and therefore the customer will be solely liable. Any unauthorized or suspicious transactions must be reported to the Bank immediately for investigation.

Cuero National Bank
1800 North Esplanade Street PO Box 889
Cuero, Texas   77954
ph: (361) 277-3100 fax: (361) 277-3104

Flatonia National Bank
114 North La Grange Street PO Box 130
Flatonia, Texas   78941
ph: (361) 865-3800 fax: (361) 865-3584
Goliad National Bank
1402 US Hwy 59 N
Goliad, TX   77963
ph: (361) 645-4070 fax: (361) 645-4080

Gonzales National Bank
1622 East Sarah Dewitt (Hwy 90-A)
Gonzales, Texas   78629
ph: (830) 519-4450 fax: (830) 519-4005
First National Bank of Shiner
103 West 7th Street PO Box 607
Shiner, Texas   77984
ph: (361) 594-3317 fax: (361) 594-4392


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