Become an FNB Customer

Have you been thinking of opening an account with First National? Let us help you! Below are some helpful hints to make the transition both easy and successful! The information is designed to help you understand all the steps you might have to take to switch from your current checking account to your new checking account at First National!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open your new checking account at First National Bank

Come into the bank or one of our locations to open your account. Your new routing number and account number are located on the bottom on your new FNB checks and will be needed for future reference.

2. Contact all of your automatic payments and deposits

The fastest way to sign up or change a direct deposit is to ask the company or organization that issues the check for their direct deposit form. Complete the form using your new account number and routing number. Faster still, you may call direct – Social Security/SSI 1-800-772-1213 Veteran's Benefits 1-800-827-1000

For the utilities bill, loan payment, insurance premium, etc. being automatically deducted from your account – you must notify each company that you have switched banks! They will advise you how to proceed or you may be able to make the change over the phone. Have your account information (old and new) available.

3. Stop using your old checking account

Do not close your old banking account until your direct deposits and automatic payments have been changed AND all your checks have cleared! Please destroy all unused checks, deposit slips and ATM cards.

4. Close your old bank account

When all your checks and automatic payments/deposits have cleared, you may close your old bank account. If there are questions, just contact us.

Come bank with us! 

 Experience the real difference when you bank with a community bank!