Easily Become a First National Bank of Shiner Customer! 
We're pleased you've decided to bank with a community bank.  At First National Bank of Shiner, you will receive prompt, personal service, provided by people who you know.  
Step 1 - Open Your New First National Bank of Shiner Account
Gather the personal information you will need to open the account and come visit us!  We will help you step by step.  A New Accounts Representative in any of the five First National Bank of Shiner locations can help you, or click here to view our personal product and service options.
      Organize the information you will need.  Gather your account information on the Switch Account Kit Information Worksheet
     Open your First National Bank of Shiner Accounts.  You can begin using your account immediately after it is funded.
     Enroll in Online Banking.  Enroll for Online Banking by visiting our website, www.fnbshiner.com, and selecting "New to Online Banking? Sign Up          Now!"  Please speak to a New Accounts Representative to sign up for our Online Bill Pay.
     Enroll in Mobile Banking.  After you sign up for Online Banking, Sign up for our Mobile Banking App.  To download the FNB Shiner Mobile App,            visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "First National Bank of Shiner"
     Enroll in ScoreCard Rewards.  Use your Debit Card to earn Bonus Points!  With free enrollment, you can turn the dollars you spend into bonus            points that are redeemable for a wide array of brand merchandise and travel rewards.
     Enroll in SecurLOCK.  Protect your FNB Shiner MasterCard Debit Card Directly from your phone.  With the SecurLOCK App, you can lock or                    unlock your debit card, select geographical locations where your card can be used, set transaction spending limits, set up transaction alerts and            more!   
 Step 2 - Transfer Direct Deposits & Automatic Payments
This is one of the most important aspects of making a smooth switch.  It's a good idea to have a few recent bank statements available to review the automated transactions that you will need to move.  We've provided new account notification forms for you to use to notify your employer, other direct depositors and any vendors you have authorized to charge your account.  Also, keep in mind:
     * Direct deposits from your employer, retirement plan or other sources of income such as Social Security need to be transferred to your new                      account.  The fastest way to sign up or change a direct deposit is to ask the company that issues the check for their direct deposit form or you can          use the form provided below.  Our routing number is 113106833
     * Automated payments for insurance, utilities and other transactions you have authorized are easy to remember with our Convenient Payments                Worksheet. 
     * If you are using Online Bill Payment, don't forget to print a list of your current payees (and your Payment History).  Our Online Banking can                    handle all of your recurring and one-time online bill payment needs.  For personal assistance, please give us a call.
 Step 3 - Close Your Old Accounts
     * Confirm all outstanding checks have cleared on your old account.  The Reconciliation Worksheet will assist you with identifying all activity you                 expected has cleared your old account.  
     * Verify your Direct Deposits have been redirected to your new account.  
     * Check with any payees who have not redirected your automatic payments.
      * Use the Account Closure From to notify your old bank that you are closing your account.
      * Leave enough funds in the old account to cover any outstanding checks or automated payments. 
      * Shred unused checks and destroy the debit cards from the closed account.

 Switch Kit Account Information Worksheet                                                                                                                                                 Account Closure Form                                                                                                                                                                           Direct Deposit Authorization Form                                                                                                                                                         Automatic Payment Authorization Form                                                                                                                                                                                FORM 1199A – Direct Deposit Form for Government                                                                                                                               Reconciliation Worksheet                                                                                                                                                                                                Online Banking Bill Pay Worksheet

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