MasterCard Debit Card

Use your Debit Card and earn Bonus Points….Because Life Should Be Rewarding....

With free enrollment in the ScoreCard® program, you turn the dollars you spend into bonus points that are redeemable for a wide array of brand merchandise and travel awards. You can earn earn one (1) Bonus Point for every $2 dollars of a qualifying Signature debit card purchases, including Internet and telephone orders, you make with your First National Bank of Shiner MasterCard Debit Card by selecting "credit" each time you make a purchase (view RULES on the ScoreCard website for the definition of a qualifying purchase).

If you have a First National Bank of Shiner MasterCard / Debit Card, you are automatically enrolled in the ScoreCard rewards program.

a.  How do I redeem my ScoreCard rewards points?

Your ScoreCard rewards points are redeemable for merchandise or travel awards.  Visit the ScoreCard website at and just simply submit your order directly on this Web site.  

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of merchandise or travel certificates, tickets or documents.  (Review all Terms of Condition on the ScoreCard Rewards site)

b.  How do I get information on my ScoreCard rewards points?

To find out more information about your Scorecard rewards points online, please visit and login to our Scorecard rewards site. 

To create a login, you will be required to provide your name, your 16-digit card number, zip code and email address.

When you visit this site, you will be able to:

  • View your point balance

  • Search and view both merchandise and travel awards, create wish lists, etc.

  • Redeem points online for merchandise and travel awards.

  • Update your profile and find out about any Scorecard rewards offers.                    

To find out if you have ScoreCard rewards on your MasterCard / debit card, stop by or call any First National Bank of Shiner location.

c.   Do my ScoreCard reward points expire?

Your ScoreCard reward points do not expire.

d.  Do you have multiple accounts and cards?

If you have multiple cards with different card numbers, you will need to create a separate login ID for each card.  

If you would like to link multiple accounts for purposes of combining and redeeming Bonus Points for awards use our Householding feature. 

How Householding works:

If you would like to combine Bonus Point earnings from multiple accounts, you may submit an application by following these simple steps:

Logon to the website and click on "Householding" tab at the top of the page and select "Householding Rules" from the drop-down or click the "Continue" button at the bottom of this page.

Review and accept the Householding Rules and click "Continue" at the bottom of the Householding Rules page.

Complete and submit the Householding enrollment application for processing. * Be sure to  note which account you want designated as the "Head of       Household" account. The criteria set forth by your financial institution will determine   whether only the Head of Household account or all Contributing Accounts will be able to    redeem Bonus Points.

After clicking the "Submit" button, look for confirmation that your application has been accepted for processing before leaving the web page.

Once your application has been approved and a Household created, all Bonus Points previously earned as well as any future earnings will be combined into one available balance.

Surcharge Free ATMs

Besides using one of our ATMs located in Shiner, Cuero, Flatonia, Goliad, Gonzales or Waelder, First National Bank of Shiner gives you the option to use SUM ATMs. 

SUM ATMs allow you to save time and money by offering surcharge-free access to thousands of ATMs around the country using your First National Bank of Shiner-issued ATM card. To locate a SUM ATM, click on the SUM logo logo. You can search from there, or take the information with you by downloading the app on your smartphone!

Remember, look for the bright red SUM logo on the ATM…

SUM logo

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you suspect unauthorized use of your card or if your card is lost or stolen, report this immediately by calling the LOST OR STOLEN CARD HOT LINE 1-800-500-1044.

ATM Safety Tips

Here are some important safety tips to remember when using your MasterCard / Debit Card:

  • ATM card skimmers

Thieves have designed what are referred to as “ATM skimmers” to swipe your card and bank information as you swipe your card. These skimmers are utilized by thieves all over the world, so it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to that bank machine before you put your card in the slot.

An ATM skimmer is a device that is placed over the slot where you’d insert your card into an existing bank machine (and, in some cases, other card readers like the ones at self-serve gas stations).

They’re designed to look exactly like the real machine they’re covering, and sometimes they’re even more detailed than the actual machine, so that the extra bits of plastic and metal can disguise more pieces of the skimmer.

  • How ATM skimmers work

When you insert your debit or credit card into a cash machine, there’s a reader on the inside of the machine that interprets the information on your card’s magnetic strip, and that, coupled with the PIN you type into the keypad, gives you access to the money in your bank accounts.

If you put your card into a bank machine that has a skimmer device on it, the ATM isn’t the only thing reading your card information – the skimmer also has a reader in it that records the information on your card’s magnetic strip. Without your PIN, however, even the information on the magnetic strip wouldn’t be enough for a thief to get at your account – which is why the second element of an ATM skimmer is a tiny pinhole somewhere over the keypad that hides a mini-camera. As soon as you insert your card into an ATM with a skimmer device, the camera is activated and it records your movements – and, therefore, your PIN.

Because ATM skimmers are placed over existing card slots on real and legitimate cash machines, you’re still able to go through your transaction as if nothing has happened. Or, in some cases, the screen will tell you there’s been a malfunction – but it will look like a normal error message from the bank. It’s only later that the   information the skimmer gathered will be used to access your account.

It’s easy to mistake a bank machine that’s been tampered with for a perfectly safe place to withdraw money.

There are many different kinds of skimmers, too. Some of them are, frankly, easier to spot than others.

  • How to protect yourself from ATM skimmers

The first thing to make sure of when you’re using an ATM – whether it’s the cash machine you use often at home or an unfamiliar machine you’re using while traveling – is that you’re paying closer attention than most people usually do to the machine itself. Does it look like there’s a piece of metal or plastic around the card reader that could easily come off if you pulled on it? Is there a pinhole in a piece of equipment right above the keypad?

Whether or not you’re using a bank machine that’s familiar to you, it’s never a bad idea to somehow cover your hand as you’re typing your PIN into the keypad. As mentioned, it’s the combination of the information on your card’s magnetic strip and the PIN the camera records that gives the thieves complete access to your bank account, so without your PIN they’ll have a much bigger hurdle to climb over to get at your money.

Using cash machines in very public areas can be a good way to avoid machines that are targets for skimmers in the first place, as they offer less opportunity for thieves to install and later remove the skimmers without being seen. Bank machines can be found inside grocery or convenience stores, and sometimes there are bank machines inside the banks to which they’re attached. When in doubt, these machines are a better bet simply because there’s always someone “watching” them.

Finally, even when you’re traveling it’s a good idea to check in with your bank account online every so often if you can. So a day or so after each transaction, log into your account online to find out if anything other than your transactions are showing up, it may give you enough of a heads-up to stop any further theft.

And in any situation, if you have one of those “funny feelings” about a bank machine, don’t put your card in it – find another machine and use it instead.

  • Treat your card as cash.

  • When at a gas pump, verify the security tape over the gas pump cabinets hasn't been tampered with.If the security tape is removed, cut, or the gas pump pump appears to be tampered with, do not use it. 

  • Run debit cards as credit cards so that you don't have to enter your pin.  This can prevent PIN compromises that can occur when using a debit card.

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

  • At a drive up facility, keep your doors locked and all passenger windows closed.

  • Remove your cash, receipt and card after every transaction. If you make a withdrawal, pocket cash immediately.

  • Block others’ view. Always stand between the terminal and any person who is waiting, or cup your hand over the keypad as you enter your PIN.

  • Memorize your PIN. Don’t tell anyone your PIN or account number and never loan anyone your card. Never write your PIN on your card or anything you carry with or near your card.

  • Never give your PIN over the phone or Internet.

  • Do not expose your card’s magnetic stripe to magnetic objects.

  • Check your account transactions regularly by using our Online Banking service or InfoLink. If you suspect unauthorized usage of your debit card, contact us immediately during regular banking hours or call the Debit Card Hot Line anytime at 1-800-500-1044.